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1). What it takes to become a good tuition tutor?

Being a Good Tuition Tutor, you become a person who likes to assist the Student in Learning. You teach your student how to do the work. You should not do the work for that student.
Just a saying: Give a man a fish and it lasts a meal. Teach a man how to fish and it lasts for life.

Learn To Be Effective Tuition Tutor

In order to become an effective tuition tutor, you need to set priorities and develop a scheme of work plans for each particular student.
You need to know the subject syllabus and follow the scheme of work plans. You need to learn good tutoring techniques. Understand the student expectation and yours. Mutually agreed on the rules set with the student and follow accordingly. 
Do not be afraid to say that you don't know the answer to a question. Offer to help the student find the answer in the next lesson. During the tuition period, listen closely to the student and observe that you understand the question/ assignment before you help the student. Praise the student at each opportunity arises. Giving good feedback to the student. It does motivate the student. 
There are many ways to praise a child:
For example: Wow. Fantastic. I knew you could do it. You’re Superb.

Get To Know The Student Well

Each student have a certain learning habit and style. Some students learn best in the early morning at 5AM and other in the afternoon 5PM. However, some like the night period. You also need to understand the differences between you and the student. Student in Secondary Normal Technical (i.e.: Sec NT) and those in the Integrated Program (i.e.: IP) are far difference. Those in IP, you may not match with them. Don't be afraid to tell their parents. The student needs to find another effective tuition tutor. It is important to know that a Good Tuition Tutor does not have to diagnose learning disabilities. If you suspect that a student has a learning disability, refer the student to their parents. Tell them to seek help from the Medical Doctor or Specialist.

Know The Basis Responsibility of Tutor


“First Impression Count”. Remember that students and their parents will judge you by your appearance. Be smartly dressed!


Show your highest qualification to the parents during your first lesson. This is to avoid them from making the wrong judgment.


Always be prepared for every lesson & keep up with the latest school syllabus. Most parents & students like the worked out model answer & work-sheet prepared by the Tuition Tutor.


If you foresee that you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for a lesson then it courteous to let the student or parent knows in advance. Keep the phone numbers of both parents & student accessible in a booklet or mobile phone.


Parents expect regular progress reports. Make a point of spending a few minutes each week to discuss the child’s progress with the parent.


If you are going through a topic with the student, and you see that the lesson time is complete, spend a few minutes to finish what you are doing. Don’t finish the lesson abruptly in mid-topic!


Keeping attendance records of the tutoring session with in and out time including the student sign off in each lesson.

Professional Effective Tuition Tutors

Every professional effective tuition tutors and tuition teachers are responsible and have to ensure the students improve the test results every school term or quarterly. You suspect that the student has a learning disability, refer the student to their parents to see a Specialist.

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