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Knowledge and Inquiry Tuition

11. Knowledge and Inquiry Tuition

(Syllabus 9759 for 2016 & 2017 Exam)

Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) is an elective multi-disciplinary subject that focuses on the nature of knowledge and its construction in Areas Of Knowledge (AOK) such as the Sciences, the Social Sciences, Mathematics, History, Ethics and Aesthetics. 
Knowledge and Inquiry emphasises the spirit of inquiry, and students are encouraged to ask questions about themselves, their society and the world around them, and explore the different possible answers to these questions.


During the study of Knowledge and Inquiry, students will develop:
1) The ability to understand the nature of knowledge and the different modes of inquiry in various fields, 
2) Critically analyse and evaluate issues from different perspectives, 
3) An awareness of the ethical dimensions of knowledge construction,
4) Critical thinking, articulate and defend effectively their ideas and arguments, 
5) An ability to communicate clearly and convincingly,
6) A capacity for independent learning, inquisitive and habit of reading widely from the different disciplines and engage in independent research.
Knowledge and Inquiry is a contrasting subject for both Science and Arts subject combinations. The final Knowledge and Inquiry grade will be equivalent to the same grade for General Papers subject.

Assessment of Knowledge and Inquiry

Students are tested on three papers, two of which are taken on different days during the A-level examinations, with the third being submitted before the examinations.
a) Paper I: Essay (30%) 
Students are required to write two essays on the areas of learning identified in the content coverage. 
In Section A: students answer 1 of 2 questions on issues in Epistemology.
In Section B: students answer 1 of 4 questions on issues drawn from the Areas Of Knowledge. 
Duration: 3 hours.
b) Paper II: Critical Thinking (30%) 
Students apply their knowledge and understanding of what they have learnt to unseen stimulus material. The compulsory question in Section A: (Long Argument) requires content knowledge in one of the Areas Of Knowledge studied. 
In section B: students answer 2 out of 3 short arguments.
Duration: 2hours.
c) Paper III: Independent Study (40%) 
Students are required to carry out independent research and write a 2500 to 3000 words research paper on a topic of their choice. The selected topic must focus on the nature and construction of knowledge and with an in-depth study, typically from April to September of the examination year.
Duration: 6 months.

Knowledge and Inquiry Programme

Knowledge and Inquiry as a subject is conceptually distinct from traditional subjects. The Knowledge and Inquiry syllabus emphasises learner-centeredness, negotiated learning and spiral progression. Students are encouraged to engage with the syllabus and construct a learning experience that is meaningful for them. Students would be given opportunities to confront new information and experiences in the search for meaning.  Teachers and students also work together as they explore concepts and their applications at increasing levels of learning.

As students are regarded as peer tutors and given opportunities to negotiate their own learning experience, Knowledge and Inquiry is suitable for high-ability students with a broad interest in critical inquiry and thinking. Students, who are inquisitive and read widely, will do well in the subject. Independent learners who are capable of self-directed learning are suitable for this subject. 

Pre-requisites for Knowledge and Inquiry

1) Good English Language Grades (A1 or A2)
2) Success at a selection test, consisting of at least an essay and critical thinking component.

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