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O-level Examinations Preparation

When students did well in Secondary 2 and promoted to Secondary 3 which is the year that each individual has to decide either Science and Mathematics stream or Arts stream. Each individual had a choice of 6 to 10 subjects that each student wishes to pursue and specialize for the O-level Examinations.

1) Choice of Science and Mathematics Stream

Science and Mathematics focused subjects:
Chemistry, Physics, Biology, A-Maths, E-Maths, English, and Mother Tongue to Humanities.

2) Choice of Arts Stream

Arts focused subjects:
Geography, History, Literature, Social Studies, English, and Mother Tongue to Combined Humanities.

Important Aspects of O-level Success

Secondary education for express stream takes 4 years to learn and prepare for O level examinations and the normal academic stream may take 5 years. 
A good O-level score is a perquisite to enter the higher learning institution like Junior College (JC), Polytechnic (Poly) or Institute of Technical Education (ITE).
In 2015, a total of 29,723 school candidates sat for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) examination and 99.9% have been awarded certificates.
The results of the 2015 GCE O-Level examination for school candidates are as follows:
a). 3,950 students from the 2015 Secondary 4NA (Normal Academic) course sat for one or more subjects in the GCE O-Level examination. Of these, 88.6% have obtained at least one O-Level pass.
b). A total of 1,983 Private candidates sat for the 2015 GCE O-Level examination and 90.5% have been awarded certificates.

In 2015: No. sat for O-level 29,723




5 or more O-level passes



3 or 4 O-level passes



1 or 2 O-level passes



Expectation and Supports

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